You can fix lumpy Joy-Con using hair dryer

I love my Nintendo Switch (I have a huge draft about Switch, and how it have put the fun back in gaming for me. It takes me forever to publish it.) Unfortunately, tonight I noticed that one of my Joy-Cons has weird lumps on it.

Lumpy Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

(This is the image from the internet, not mine.)

On multiple forum threads, people suggested using hair dryer to fix it. But nobody did explain how. I tried it, and in couple of minutes I managed to get it, and here is how I did it.

There are tiny inserts in the cap, and they need to go in to the tiny holes on the joystick. I had three of them fall out. To fix it, just heat it with the hair dryer (I did it for about ten seconds), carefully adjust one insert and rub it a little bit until it falls in. Repeat for each insert.

It was much easier than I thought it would be (before heating it felt impossible). Hopefully they won't fall again, but I will probably get thumb grips to be sure.

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15. Apr 2020, 23:52

I realize this article is super old, but I foolishly removed my rubber cap from the joy con stick thinking there was debris underneath only to discover those little inserts. Well trying to realign one or two is a challenge, but trying to realign all of them seems impossible. Anyone have any ideas?

16. Apr 2020, 08:05

Hey Ali,

In the end that is what happened to me on one of the sticks. Putting all of the inserts back seemed impossible, so I used a scalpel to remove the inserts and glued the cap back on. It was more than a year ago, and it is still going strong.


15. May 2020, 14:27

I have this issue aswell. The cap came off and I cannot put it back. I have tried the hair dryer, but it doesn't work at all. I cannot get any insert in the holes. The cap just looks awful this way. Any tips?

21. Jul 2020, 00:54

So I found an effective approach when trying to put the cap back on. If you're fortunate to have a small flathead or hex screwdriver set, you can use the head to maneuver the pin into place and press down on it from the top, it took me about 5 minutes, but I was able to get all of them reseated.

01. Aug 2020, 08:41

The rubber ridges on the inside have tiny finger-like projections which point outwards towards the rim. With the edge of the rubber cap bent backwards, you need a tiny flathead screwdriver to push the tip of these rubber fingers into the corresponding groove before flipping the rubber rim over the stick.

15. Aug 2020, 02:22

Does anyone know where exactly the inserts are?