Hello, I'm Stanko, a software engineer in Belgrade, making digital products and generative art.

Hack for iOS Safari to display the HTML video thumbnail


Mobile iOS Safari doesn’t display preview thumbnail until you tap on the video. My go-to solution was to define a poster attribute and move on. But today I learned I could use something called Media Fragments.

Media Fragments specify a way of sharing parts of audio and video files by simply adding url params. Browser support varies, but fortunately support for what we need is pretty good.

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AxiDraw plotter Raspberry Pi camera mount

It has been almost two months since my last post because I was super busy with my new passion, For now, you can see my work on my Instagram profile. Expect new posts about my process and tools in the near future. .

I also got my hands on the brilliant little machine by Evil Mad Scientist, AxiDraw plotter, and it is the best purchase I made in a long time. I love everything about it - how it is engineered, images I can produce using it and their support.

Then I saw this video and was blown away by the idea of recording a plotter from this perspective. When I asked the author how he does it, he pointed me to the tutorial he selflessly created. To film these wonderful videos, he made a mount for Raspberry Pi camera he can put directly on the plotter.

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Letters from Sarajevo

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Today. I have a very personal project to share with you all.

Letters from Sarajevo is a web adaptation of the book of the same name. My brother wrote the book using authentic letters our father sent us while being stuck in Sarajevo during the war in the nineties.

For more information about the book, please check about page.

One of the images from the book, soldier lying on the cannon which is plugged with a cork

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I’m all about generative art these days. Today, I present you Metaballs, my latest creation. It is one of those projects that I visualized in my head and managed to pull it off exactly how I imagined it.

Somehow I came up with an idea to generate spheres, smoothly merge them to get organic looking shapes, which then I would slice up and render the I ordered a pen plotter and that is the reason I’m focused on producing vector files.

One of the final images looks like this (click on it to see more):

"Ginger", image generated using Metaballs

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Neon, generative art piece made using 2d vector field


Recently I started playing with generative art. I’m new to the whole thing and I’m absolutely enjoying it. Today I want to show you the first generative art project I’m satisfied with.

It is called Neon and you can check it out here or by clicking on the image below.

Example image generated by Neon

I will try to explain in detail how Neon works, however this won’t be a coding tutorial. But it is an open source project, and code is available here.

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