Weekly Code Challenge (spring 2021)

If you just want the see the submissions, jump to the Weekly Code Challege website. But please bare in mind that the most of these were created in a couple of hours.

This post is long overdue. Earlier this year, I came with an idea to organize a weekly code challenge in our Belgrade office. With the whole COVID situation going on, I hoped it could inspire people to start hacking and make programming fun again.

CSS only 3D people making waves

Some people were interested, so we ran the challenge in spring this year, from April to June. It lasted for ten weeks, each week had a different theme and there was a total of 47 submissions. We didn't impose a lot of rules, it just had to run in a browser, but you could use any library or framework and spend as much (or as little) time as you wanted.

Challenge started hot, but as weeks passed by, interest slowly faded away. After ten weeks we decided to end it. To be honest, it lasted longer than I initially hoped. A lot of people tried new stuff, played around and had fun hacking little things. I dare to say it was a complete success and I have to say thanks to all the people who participated!

Therefore, I urge you to organize something similar yourself, in your office, university or city, it doesn't matter as long as people are hacking for the sake of it. It is a wonderful and fulfilling process.

Shameless self promotion

I was happy that people were interested to participate, and I enjoyed it myself tremendously. In the process, I learned a thing of two and hacked together a few things I would probably never try if there wasn't for the code challenge.

Out of the nine things I created (I skipped the last week), these three are my favorite:

All three are completely different and they vary from a vanilla JavaScript ASCII rendered game, followed by a simple ThreeJS demo to the complex 3D shapes CSS objects. (To be fair, these are only complex in the context of using CSS to render them.)

You can check my submissions here, and code is available on GitHub.