25 Oct 2019

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Short Firefox tip to disable Cmd + MouseWheel zoom. There is a weird interaction with it. Therefore I decided to turn it off completely (I never used it anyway).

When I scroll a page using a trackpad and start switching tabs via Cmd + Tab, inertia scrolling would still be active, and the page I switched to gets zoomed in a lot (as I’m still holding Cmd). It really got on my nerves.

To disable it, you’ll need to type about:config in your address bar. A This page will allow you to change hidden browser settings, so be careful with it. may appear. Continue like the hacker you are, and search for mousewheel.with_meta. You should see something like this:

Firefox about:config page

We need to change mousewheel.with_meta.action, from 3 to 0. To change it, click on the edit button (or just double click the value). And that is it!

For people who are not on Mac and want to disable Control + Mouse Wheel, follow the same procedure and change mousewheel.with_control.action from 3 to 0.

If you ever want to switch it back on, find the same option, and change it back to 3. Once you change a value, Firefox will give you a small reset button, just in case you forgot the default value.


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