15 Dec 2017

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Another onliner I love, that returns body scrollbar width. If scrollbar is not shown it will return zero (including mobile devices).

function getScrollbarWidth() {
  return window.innerWidth - document.documentElement.clientWidth;

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Jandro Rojas
06 Jul 2018, 11:37 AM

What about something more generic? what about a regular div for example? A more general approach would be:

function getScrollbarWidth(element) {
  return element.scrollWidth - element.clientWidth;

The scrollWidth property will include the with of the vertical scrollBars even if there is no horizontal scrolling…this works in all major browsers.

06 Jul 2018, 01:08 PM

Hello Jandro,

Actually that is not going to work. To get element’s scrollbar width you need to use .offsetWidth instead of .scrollWidth.

Check MDN documentation on it:

The width is measured in the same way as clientWidth: it includes the element’s padding, but not its border, margin or vertical scrollbar (if present).

So the correct way would be:

function getScrollbarWidth(element) {
  return element.offsetWidth - element.clientWidth;

Please note that this will not work on body therefore you need to use the method from the blog post.

Hope that helps, cheers!

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