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MacOS Catalina, ruby bad interpreter error


Another Catalina rant, this time about Ruby. As far as I know, on MacOS, it is advisable to For example users don’t have write permission on the system’s gems folder. , and install a separate version for development. I had one installed via Homebrew, and never had any issues with it.

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Remove MacOS Catalina zsh nagging

Yesterday I To be able to use AirPods Pro with it :/ Apple made a change and switched the default shell to zsh (instead of bash). From what I have read, the reason is a licensing issue.

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JavaScript keyboard easter egg

I love easter eggs in software.

You may have noticed the keyboard image in the background of my blog. This thing on the right side of the screen. Those with a keen eye figured out it highlights keys as you are typing. It has been here for some time now, and on my colleague’s request, I’ll explain how it works.

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Disable Cmd + Mouse Wheel (or Ctrl + Mouse Wheel) zoom in Firefox

Short Firefox tip to disable Cmd + MouseWheel zoom. There is a weird interaction with it. Therefore I decided to turn it off completely (I never used it anyway).

When I scroll a page using a trackpad and start switching tabs via Cmd + Tab, inertia scrolling would still be active, and the page I switched to gets zoomed in a lot (as I’m still holding Cmd). It really got on my nerves.

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Back to Firefox (Nightly)

Two years ago I wrote this rant. Firefox had a problem on MacOS on scaled resolutions, resulting in insanely high CPU usage and battery drain.

Issue is finally fixed, and I’m happy to say I’m using it again. The fix is expected to land in the stable version in late October 2019, with the release of Firefox 70.

Meanwhile you can download Firefox Nightly, which is the freshest (and sometimes unstable) version of Firefox.

Firefox Nightly

I’m really happy to be using Firefox again, and I think you should try it as well.