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Back to Firefox (Nightly)

Two years ago I wrote this rant. Firefox had a problem on MacOS on scaled resolutions, resulting in insanely high CPU usage and battery drain.

Issue is finally fixed, and I’m happy to say I’m using it again. The fix is expected to land in the stable version in late October 2019, with the release of Firefox 70.

Meanwhile you can download Firefox Nightly, which is the freshest (and sometimes unstable) version of Firefox.

Firefox Nightly

I’m really happy to be using Firefox again, and I think you should try it as well.

Running Staticman on Heroku


I’m using Staticman as a comment system on this blog. Unfortunately public instance can’t handle all of the requests coming in. That resulted in some readers being unable to post a comment.

That is why I decided to run my own instance on Heroku. It was easy to find this great article describing the process thoroughly. But after following it and deploying Statamic to Heroku, I just couldn’t make it work.

It took me a while until I found another article with a workaround. Long story short, you need to use a specific version instead of the latest one.

In the first article in “Stage 2” in “Step 7” replace this:

git checkout -b production origin/dev

with this:

git checkout -b production 55d1430

That should be it. Now I have my own instance (running on a Heroku’s free tier) and hopefully there will be no further issues with posting comments.

Three web development bookmarklets

Today I want to share three bookmarklets I love to use in development. You can add them to your browser, by creating a new bookmark and entering bookmarklet code instead of URL. I usually keep them in the bookmarks bar to make them easier to find. , will run the code snippet on the page you are currently on.

For each bookmarklet I added a button to try it on this page.

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Xiaomi AirDots review

Two weeks ago I got a pair of cheap Xiaomi’s wireless earphones. This was an experiment to see if I like true wireless concept before buying something more expensive.

Xiaomi AirDots earphones

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CSS only frame animations

I haven’t published anything in a while, which is a shame because I have a couple of good things to write about. That said, today’s post is going to be a short one. I wasn’t sure if theme is interesting enough. But in the end I decided to write it anyway. And it will help me get back in the writing shape.

While setting up a new project on Netlify, I was going through the logs and noticed they are using As far as I know people started using it back in the 80s. text only loader. It is a very simple animation swapping between four text characters (, \, |, /).

Text loader animation

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