Hello, I'm Stanko, a software engineer in Belgrade, writing mostly about JavaScript and React.

Simple JavaScript API wrapper


For handling API calls I have a small snippet I’m copying from project to project. I decided to clean it up, make more generic and share it. It is intended to be a starting point, so you might want to customize it to your custom needs.

What it does?

It is a simple wrapper around If you need a polyfill isomorphic-fetch is a great one.

  • For successful requests it will parse the response and return it.
  • When It detects errors based on request’s HTTP status. it will throw a custom error with status code, error message and response (parsed if it is a JSON).
  • If request never gets resolved, same custom error will be thrown but response will be set to null and status code to REQUEST_FAILED.

Please note that function will return a Promise so you need to handle how it resolves.

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React Window decorators

Two days ago I released two npm packages, window-scroll-manager and react-window-decorators.

Scroll manager

Plx uses the same scroll manager so I extracted it to the standalone package. is just a simple wrapper around scroll event, that broadcasts custom window-scroll event once per requestAnimationFrame. Idea comes from MDN.

React decorators

or higher order components are the bees knees, as they bring easy way to track window scroll and resize events in React. They will track and inject props directly into React components. Check the demo.

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Firefox 57 CPU usage is insane


This is a sad rant :(

I love Firefox (and Mozilla too) and have never switched to . Although I use Chrome for development. But few days ago I switched to Opera, because new Firefox’s (aka Quantum) CPU usage is insane.

Firefox :(

Disabling extensions didn’t help, it just hogs all available resources. MacOS is giving me “Service Battery” warning when Firefox is running. And battery last about four times(!) shorter.

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Blog redesign

Muffin Man is back! This time with new visual identity.

This was long overdue, but new design took me Mostly because of the trillion things I’m working on. Now I can get back to writing.

Alogn with the new design, some other things got updated too, hopefully making content easier to browse. To name a few:

  • Archive is now one page with categories accordion (every category used to have a dedicated page)
  • You can now find related posts under each post (instead of the latest ones)
  • Search results are now navigable using arrows

I ditched custom Jekyll plugins to be able to use GitHub to automatically build the whole thing. Some of them got rewritten to Liquid.

Hope you like it!

Two design articles

Just wanted to share two articles that helped me understand visual design better. I was already aware of the most of these things, but having someone explain it how and why was really helpful.

Learn more about design

When asked how to learn more about design as a developer, design partner in my company recommended studying work of these two designers. I haven’t taken my time to do it, but it is on my todo list.

Frontend developers should have at least basic understanding of visual design. Because great products are symbiosis of both great design and great tech. Hopefully, these links will help you in that regard.