Running Staticman on Heroku

Please note that I'm not using Jekyll anymore, so this post might be outdated.

I'm using Staticman as a comment system on this blog. Unfortunately public instance can't handle all of the requests coming in. That resulted in some readers being unable to post a comment.

That is why I decided to run my own instance on Heroku. It was easy to find this great article describing the process thoroughly. But after following it and deploying Statamic to Heroku, I just couldn't make it work.

It took me a while until I found another article with a workaround. Long story short, you need to use a specific version instead of the latest one.

In the first article in "Stage 2" in "Step 7" replace this:

git checkout -b production origin/dev

with this:

git checkout -b production 55d1430

That should be it. Now I have my own instance (running on a Heroku's free tier) and hopefully there will be no further issues with posting comments.

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Igor Kowalczyk
23. Feb 2020, 19:51

Really god article

04. Aug 2020, 18:34

Nice blog. It worked

17. Aug 2020, 16:56

Nice work

27. Jan 2021, 17:07

Thx a lot dude