List of selected projects I created. Hopefully I'll find time to write more about some of them.

Creative coding

Generative Art

My favorite hobby. I use code to create drawings, and a robot to plot them on paper. Check the art section of this website.


A micro creative coding playground where you can create and share animations through code.


A tool that converts photos into vectors using two unique "shaders" - circular dot grid and variable-width spiral.

Draw SVG rope using JavaScript

An interactive article on how to transform any SVG path into a vector rope drawing.


A custom ray marching 3D renderer that mimics hand hatching. It is using SDFs for modeling and outputs vector files. Not published yet.


One of my earliest generative projects, based on metaballs, organic-looking n-dimensional objects.


Unfinished port of Michael Fogleman's ln vector 3d engine to TypeScript.


My first remotely presentable generative project, utilizing a vector field to draw vibrant, neon lines. It includes the accompanying blog post.


Libraries and tools

Everything else