Xiaomi AirDots review

Two weeks ago I got a pair of cheap Xiaomi's wireless earphones. This was an experiment to see if I like true wireless concept before buying something more expensive.

Xiaomi AirDots earphones


Most of the reviews out there are saying AirDots are lacking bass, but that sound is good overall.

Long story short - sound is bad. I don't like strong bass, but these earphones have no bass at all. Mid and high are acceptable, but lack of bass is really bad. I never thought I'll have to turn on “Bass Booster” equalizer preset, but I had to. Bass boosting eq makes them barely usable, but sound is still far from perfect.

Additionally Google Music on iOS has no equalizer setting nor does it use the system one. That makes Google Music with these earphones unusable for me.


They are pretty light and sit comfortable in my ear. If I use them for a longer period of time, they can get a little uncomfortable, but this is more of a personal feel. I don't like in-ear earphones, and this happens to me with almost any in-ear ones.

To me they are discrete enough and look good.


These earphones are really cheap (I got them for $17 on AliExpress), still I don't think they are worth buying. Sound is just not good. I would rather have decent wired earphones for the same price.

But the true wireless concept (plus a charging case) is brilliant. I'm definitely getting myself a pair of better sounding ones. (Probably AirPods because they are pretty much the only non in-ear ones. But I'm open to suggestions.)

If true wireless is your main goal and you literally don't care about the sound, that might be the only reason to try them.