Setting up Webpack, Babel and React from scratch - Part 3

Part three - also the last part

Other parts:

  • Part 1 - Webpack, Babel, React, Router, ESLint
  • Part 2 - SASS, more ES6 goodness (Static props, decorators, deconstruction...)
  • Part 3 - Where to go from here

Where to go from here

I really wanted to continue this series, but unfortunately whole JavaScript / Node community is moving so fast, that I found really hard to keep these tutorials up to date. Webpack 2 and React Hot Loader 3 are on the horizon. Some package versions break the other ones. Usual JavaScript business :)

So I'll leave you with a link or two below.

Create React App

Facebook released Create React App. That is a CLI tool for creating React apps with zero configuration. It is still missing some features, like universal rendering, decorators, SASS (or LESS), hot reload... But it is a really solid start, and backed up by the React team.

My Webpack 2 boilerplate

Also, I just published Webpack 2 boilerplate on GitHub. It has a lot of nice features, check post about it on this blog.


Hope you found this series useful. Don't worry, blog will still be updated, but this series is over for now.

And before using boilerplates, try making it yourself, so you understand the flow and the tooling behind it.

Comments (2)

06. Apr 2017, 10:54

This was going to have Redux, right? Possible to have it even it is an outdated version or something?

06. Apr 2017, 10:59

Hello Devlin,

Initial plan was to include redux as well, but webpack 1.0 was deprecated meantime, so I never finished the series. Please check the text above to find the links for the official "react create app" and my webpack 2.0 boilerplate.